Meet Our Speakers

Don Sloane
Owner / Founder
Recovery Care Partner

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann
Author, Shamanic Healer, Coach
Follow Your Feel Good

Jay Pryor
Speaker, Executive Coach
Jay Pryor Coaching

Janelle Waldock
VP of Community Health & Health Equity
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MN

Gray Miller
Founder & CEO
Titanium Healthcare

Caspar A. Szulc
President & Co-Founder
Innovative Medicine

Denise Tahara
Associate Prof., Division Dir. Health Policy & Mgmt.
New York Medical College

Kirat Kharode
Health Care Disruption Evangelist
Dark Side Health

Philip Kurtz
Chief Executive Officer
CareATC Inc.

Stephanie Stillwell
Registered Nurse, Community Outreach Director

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October 16-17, 2019

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