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What Legalization Means for Health Care and Cannabis

Aaron Lachant, Board Chair of MMLG, Partner at Nelson Hardiman

Aaron Lachant is an attorney at the forefront of crafting California’s cannabis policy—medically and beyond. He is a partner at Nelson Hardiman, a Los Angeles based law firm specializing in health care and is also the board chair for MMLG, one of America’s most established and experienced cannabis consulting groups for compliance, licensing and investment advice.

“Cannabis is something that we give to AIDS patients. Cannabis is something that we give to cancer patients,” says Aaron. “It’s really getting to a point where physicians need to be able to counsel patients if they’re using it, and we’re seeing systemic change to make that happen.”

In this video you’ll discover:

  • How cannabis and health care have historically been intertwined with each other
  • How cannabis use is creating all sorts of new opportunities and new challenges for the health care industry
  • How the health care industry in the United States is incorporating cannabis into its day to day practice

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