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The Basics of Addiction and Access to Quality and Ethical Care

Don Sloane, Recovery Care Partner, Owner/Founder

If you take nothing away from this powerful look at addiction, Don Sloane wants you to know that before effective outcomes can ever be realized for people who suffer with this disease we must collaborate to create a sustainable continuum of care.

Don has worked in the recovery field for thirty-three years and is honored to be part of the recovery community. He has trained as an interventionist with Dr. Joseph Cruz who worked closely with Betty Ford and has facilitated around 800 interventions.

After his own treatment, Don began working with The Caron Treatment Centers marketing group, educating employee assistance professionals and human resource professionals about effective responses to addiction.

Today, his company specializes in compassionate interventions, comprehensive monitoring for professionals, recovery care management, assessment, random screening, sober companion, sober escort, and individual and couples counseling.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • The statistics surrounding addiction in the United States.
  • The stigma that prevents people from seeking help.
  • What happens between active addiction and sustainable recovery.
  • How treatment is only the beginning to sustained recovery.
  • The ethical challenges associated with treatment in our country.

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"It’s inspirational. It showed such different and pioneering thoughts on how we can change health care, and made it personal. Each story needed to be told, and it undoubtedly left an impression on all fortunate enough to have been there."

–Caspar Szulc,
2018 speaker from
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