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Patient Experience: The Moment Everything Changed

Kevin Stranberg, CPXP, Director of Strategy and Patient Experience, Memorial Medical Center

Kevin Stranberg has spoken at many conferences about his insights around improving the experience that patients have with health care. He says that every health care journey is individual. Every health care experience is valid.

“As caregivers, we need to process the idea of how we help people along on the journey,” says Kevin. “How do we know what their journey looks like? I would say it has to do with ‘First Voice.’ For me, First Voice is all about the idea of sincerely and totally listening to your patients, to your health care customers. To the loved ones who are supporting those people who are getting care.”

Sit in as Kevin demonstrates the interviewing process he uses with a patient to discover her experience, using First Voice.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • The moments that impact patient experience
  • How to interview patients to discover what influenced their patient experience
  • How to use what you learn about patient experience to drive change

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"It’s inspirational. It showed such different and pioneering thoughts on how we can change health care, and made it personal. Each story needed to be told, and it undoubtedly left an impression on all fortunate enough to have been there."

–Caspar Szulc,
2018 speaker from
Innovative Medicine

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