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Context Matters: Design Matters

Denise C. Tahara, Ph.D., New York Medical College

Denise Tahara, Ph.D., tells us what we think of as a health care system, really wasn’t designed for health and healing. She says to effect change, we must start with a blank page and use context and design to reimagine how our health care system cares for patients.

Denise teaches courses in systems thinking, leadership and decision making. She also works with organizations on performance improvement, integrative care, pediatric obesity and food insecurity. She helps organizations leverage existing resources to innovate and engage, create strategic partnerships with local community leaders, and invest in the long-term health of their neighborhoods.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • The definition of a system and how it operates.
  • What system thinking is and how it can effect change.
  • The importance of finding and including the voice of the patient.
  • How to recognize failures and opportunities.
  • Who needs to be at the table.
  • A roadmap to designing a new approach to care to include wellness and well-being.

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"It’s inspirational. It showed such different and pioneering thoughts on how we can change health care, and made it personal. Each story needed to be told, and it undoubtedly left an impression on all fortunate enough to have been there."

–Caspar Szulc,
2018 speaker from
Innovative Medicine

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