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Burnout in Caregiving: The Solution

William Maples, MD, CEO, The Institute for Healthcare Excellence

About half of our health care teams are experiencing some aspect of burnout.

  • 30% of primary care physicians are leaving the profession by the age of 49
  • 40% of physicians are actually experiencing frank depression
  • One doctor commits suicide in the U.S. every day—the highest suicide rate of any profession

“We know what happens when our health care providers show up with some component of burnout,” says Dr. William Maples. “Patient satisfaction drops, errors go up, infections go up, standardized mortality rates go up.”

Dr. William Maples is battling physician and caregiver burnout by building hospital cultures that create joy and renewed purpose. He leads the Institute for Healthcare Excellence, where he and the faculty work with organizations to nurture the relational skills necessary to create a culture which embraces trust, respect, compassion and teamwork. This in turn creates an environment where quality, safety, and efficiency efforts flourish.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • A new metric system to look at health care systems and determine if care teams are thriving and able to emotionally recover
  • How the Institute for Healthcare Excellence is able to actually map out solutions to help staff thrive and recover
  • What human centered leadership contributes to cultivating a culture that taps into positive emotion
  • The tools physicians need to be able to connect with patients, with each other and across the whole care team

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