How patients experience their care with Kevin Stranberg

Believe in Better Podcast: Episode 1

This episode’s guest is Kevin Stranberg, director of strategy & patient experience at Memorial Medical Center in Ashland, Wisconsin. He is also the founder of Stranberg & Associates, a strategy firm, and senior consultant for the Baird Group, specializing in transforming culture.

Like us, Kevin believes there’s a better way to think about—and deliver—health care. He’s spent years observing the many ways patients experience care and thinking about how caregivers can meet their patients’ needs better.

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • Why Kevin left his corporate job at Best Buy to pursue a career in health care.
  • Why the patient experience matters
  • How taking care of caregivers can make all the difference in the world
  • Why Kevin’s biggest pet peeve is the phrase “short-staffed”
  • Kevin’s answers to Bernard Pivot’s 10 Questions, as made infamous by James Lipton on “Inside the Actor’s Studio”

Why join us?

"It’s inspirational. It showed such different and pioneering thoughts on how we can change health care, and made it personal. Each story needed to be told, and it undoubtedly left an impression on all fortunate enough to have been there."

–Caspar Szulc,
2018 speaker from
Innovative Medicine

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