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A Fresh Perspective

Caspar Szulc, Co-Founder & President, Innovative Medicine

Caspar Szulc asks the question: “What does better look like and how do we get a sometimes stubborn medical community—that doesn’t want to change—onboard?” He shares what dreaming big and making positive change looks like and why traditional medicine need not be afraid.

The mission of Caspar’s company, Innovative Medicine, is to go beyond the mainstream approach to medicine by leading the way in unifying and personalizing the practice. He shares his personal story of being exposed to countless different therapeutic modalities around the world and how it changed his view of medicine.

In this video you’ll discover:

  • Why those in medicine should check their egos at the door and collaborate with one another.
  • Why instead of asking the question, “What do I do for disease X?” we should be asking, “Why do I have disease X?”
  • The three focal points to creating better health outcomes for patients, which include personalization, unification and healing.

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Why join us?

"It’s inspirational. It showed such different and pioneering thoughts on how we can change health care, and made it personal. Each story needed to be told, and it undoubtedly left an impression on all fortunate enough to have been there."

–Caspar Szulc,
2018 speaker from
Innovative Medicine

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