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What is the Believe in Better Project?

The Believe in Better Project is an annual event drawing health care innovators and visionaries from across the country to Duluth, Minnesota. In the face of a health care system that is “broken” in too many ways, the gathering is designed to foster new thoughts, perspectives and dialogue—the building blocks for change. It brings together people who are making a difference with people who want to make a difference. The aim: to jump-start ideas and actions to start fixing health care in big and small ways, right now.

The dates for the next Believe in Better Project have been set: October 16–17, 2019. We hope you will join us!

Why should I attend?

Because health care impacts your work and life every day, and you believe there are ways to improve it—the system, the delivery, the costs, the care, the health of people in communities across America. Because Hailey Sault is bringing together visionaries and change-agents who want to help fix an ailing approach to health care, and you can have a voice at this table.

Who else is attending?

People who believe in better, and are doing something about it. With a limited number of  attendees and presenters, you’ll be here with change-makers from health systems, the private sector, government and nonprofits. You’ll be exchanging ideas with entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, marketers, front-line health providers and more.

Our speakers come from across the U.S. and Mexico, from New York and Florida to Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, California, Cancun, Alaska and beyond. They’ve successfully introduced new ways of practicing, delivering and perceiving health via different therapeutic modalities, business models, design and processes, as well as direct care, coaching, entrepreneurship, lobbying and counseling.

What’s different about this event?

This is not your ordinary conference, because it’s not really a conference. The Believe in Better Project was created In the spirit of a Nantucket or Aspen Ideas Festival, only with much greater intimacy, engagement and focus. You’ll be part of an unfolding conversation into how we can make a difference for health care, right now, as leaders and front line workers. Because our perspectives and voices matter.

The event is structured so that speakers and attendees can connect on and offstage with a healthy mix of activities—so you can leave inspired and energized. Over the course of two days, participants will engage with speakers who take a TEDx approach to presenting a 20-minute “talk of their life,” followed by roundtable discussions and one-on-ones. There are no competing sessions to choose from, and no question that attendees will be engaged. This is a carefully crafted experience where participants can have a cohesive conversation, focus on issues together and approach ideas from different vantage points.

Speaking events are set in a historic building on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. Lunches and snacks are included both days, along with an evening reception in a space that’s sure to “wow.”   

What should I expect to learn?

Here are some takeaways you can count on:

  • Get a full 360-degree view of how to impact positive changes in health care.
  • Learn from leaders and change agents across the health ecosystem: from CEOs of fast-growth health care organizations, to thought leaders in health policy and management, to health care professionals tackling the urgent issues confronting their communities.
  • Experience incredible networking opportunities in an intimate setting where you can legitimately connect with other like-minded individuals from organizations all over the country.
  • Discover insights for every kind of health care leader—ideas worth taking back to improve your health care organization.
  • Benefit from ongoing post-conference content that you and your organization can share and expand upon, and continue to be part of a bigger conversation. For the better.
What are the topics?

Past speaking topics have ranged from innovative medicine to the basics of addiction to the neuroscience of unconscious bias and creating gender conscious workplaces. Watch the videos here.

Topics for the 2019 event include how mobile and virtual health care providers are disrupting healthcare as we know it, the role of emotional healing in the patient’s journey, and the benefits and challenges of medical marijuana. Learn more about our 2019 speakers and their areas of expertise on the speaker bio pages.   

How will this conference help my ability to help my organization?

You’ll bring back insights and connections to inspire change and advance your organization’s mission. Being here means you’re part of the Project, with your voice and perspective helping shape the ideas and outcome. So you can reflect the needs of your organization and the people it serves in the discussions, and then leave with insights that improve your organization and the way your team impacts health care.

Is it hard getting to Duluth, MN?

It’s easy getting here with daily flights on major carriers to Duluth International Airport or driving in on Interstate 35. (Of course, it’s accessible by bike, bus or boat, too.)

Why would I want to visit Duluth, MN?

For the fresh air, open water and easy access to the great outdoors. For the authentically welcoming, creative culture and historic setting. For the dining scene, shops, craft brew and distilleries. Duluth is the real deal. Relaxing. Vibrant. Charming. A perfect place to connect and reflect. [No wonder it was named “Best Town in America” by Outside Magazine in 2014.]  

Will the speech recordings be made available after the conference?

We’ll share videos of the sessions (a la TED) free to view on our website, and we’ll let you know when they’re available. But there’s nothing like the intimacy and engagement of connecting and spending time with other like-minded individuals like you. Plus, you get to help shape the Project by being here and being heard.

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October 16-17, 2019

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