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Better thinking. Better health. Better lives.

In pursuit of better
For decades, Hailey Sault has been working hand-in-hand with health care brands, innovative startups and cause-driven organizations in pursuit of the greater good. The trouble is: health care is broken in too many ways, for too many people. So we decided to do something to help fix it.

How do you tackle such a complicated, far-reaching, monstrosity of an issue? You put one foot in front of the other and start walking. And you start talking. Specifically, you engage with those who share a passion for ideas that foster possibility, ignite transformation and lead to better.

The Project

It started in 2018 during an intimate two-day gathering in Duluth, Minnesota. Visionaries and change-agents from across the health care spectrum came together for conversations about making a difference—big and small—to start fixing health care for us all. Attendees were joined by nine amazing speakers who shared stories of innovation, transformation, compassion and breakthroughs in health care. Here’s a glimpse of what happened at that inaugural event, and a deeper look in our FAQs.

Join the pursuit

This is just the beginning. The Project continues as an online dialogue and returns to Duluth in 2019. Want to join us? It’s a chance to consider perspectives and discuss ideas. Listen and experience. Inspire and act. It’s for the passionate ones. The misfits, outlaws and radicals. The dreamers and seekers, the tired but inspired, the advocates and everyone in between who cares enough to strive for better.

This is about each of us in health care—from caregiving and administration to finance and marketing, government and insurance—joining the conversation, refining it and expanding it. If you believe in taking a stand—for a better way, for better lives, for a better world—we welcome you to join us.

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