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In Pursuit of Better

For decades, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with health care brands, innovative startups and cause-driven organizations in pursuit of the greater good. The trouble is: health care is broken. Plain and simple. It’s broken in too many ways, for too many people.
And we want to help fix it.

So how do you tackle such a complicated, far-reaching, monstrosity of an issue? You put one foot in front of the other and start walking.
And you start talking. Specifically, you engage with those who share a passion for ideas that foster possibility, ignite transformation and lead to better.

The Project

We’re drawing visionaries together for conversations about how we can make a difference—big and small, right now—to start fixing health care for us all.

This is our time to inspire and act. Speak and shout. Listen and experience. It’s an invitation to the passionate ones. The misfits, outlaws and radicals. The dreamers and seekers, the tired but inspired, the advocates and everyone in between who cares enough to strive for better.

Let’s take a stand—for a better way, for better lives, for a better world.
Come join the pursuit.

At A Glance

October 16 – 17, 2018
For two days in an incredible setting, we’ll engage in talks by leading minds. Conversations that elevate. And outdoor experiences that bring it all back home.

Presented by Hailey Sault, we work passionately, genuinely and fearlessly to improve health care and causes that foster a healthier world. And we do it in a stunning space that will serve as your laboratory.

In Duluth, Minnesota, named “Best Town Ever” by Outside Magazine, forests and rivers meet an endless horizon on the westernmost tip of Lake Superior. It’s an artsy, historic, clean-aired hub for creative thinking and ample adventure.

By invitation only
This inaugural event is intimate by design, offering the chance for speakers and guests to connect, discuss and explore challenging issues and transformative ideas. A video crew will document speeches, so these vital conversations can be shared with the world.

Join The Pursuit

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